by Maria Pilar

Turning point: Be the change you expect in the world.

octubre 5, 2015 | motivacion

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en la naturaleza hay múltiples puntos de inflexión
turning points in nature

Do you find yourself blocked? Is there something in your personality that you do not like and you would like to change? Did you just ended a relationship and are lost? Would you like to improve in your work? Looking for a change in your life? Do you want a turning point?

Coaching can help you out, thanks to coaching, I’ve seen people exceeding their fears, being able to manage their emotions, people breaking their emotional hooks, finding the balance they were looking for, being happier with themselves and loving more themselves.

In the same way that a turning point is a change of trend in a graph, which runs down and sharply grows up or goes from climbing almost imperceptibly to rise sharply, so the coaching can help you to be the turning point you want in your life.

Best of all is that with coaching, you are who decides what to change and how to do it, or what to improve, the coach only directs or accompanies you in your growth, accompanies you so you find your own answers. And as the answers are yours it is easier that you believe them and that go for them.

I have read lots of self-help books, posts online, heard audios and seen videos about personal growth. All that helps me and I love it, but the ideas are others. I try to apply them in my life, but the effort to make the change true is huge, because they are the ideas of others.

But when I receive coaching my ideas are the ones that come out, it is the best version of myself and that makes that the outcome is really a turning point.

If you want a turning point in your life, I invite you to get in touch with me, I’ll give you a free coaching session and we start the change you are expecting (

Have a nice day!

Sobre la autora, Maria Pilar

Coach Coactivo e Ingeniera Industrial

Me dedico a inspirar a ejecutivos estresados, ansiosos, a los que les cuesta desconectar del trabajo, que quieren disfrutar de la vida. Para que prioricen lo importante, se sientan responsables de lo que pasa en sus vidas y agradezcan todo lo que les sucede, conectando así con la alegría de vivir y logrando disfrutar de lo que saben hacer.


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